UNSCR Designation


The UNSCR 1267 establishes the designation process for a person or entity by the UNSC or one of its Committees.  Article 41 of the Charter of the United Nations (UN Charter) empowers the UNSC to impose sanctions such as prohibitions on such conduct under the Sanctions Act.

As a member of the United Nations, The Government of Paua New Guinea (GovPNG) is obliged to implement the UNSCR’s by virtue of Article 41 of the UN Charter.  Under section 6 of the Sanctions Act, the designation of a person or an entity made by the UNSC-or one of its Committees pursuant to a resolution made under Article 41 of the UN Charter and listed in schedule 1 to the Sanctions Act has an immediate effect of PNG.

Designation done by the UNSC or its Committees pursuant to the following UNSCR’s has immediate effect in PNG:

  1. UNSCR’s on Al –Qaida ( Resolutions 1267/1989 and successor resolutions)
  2. UNSCRs on Taliban ( Resolution 1988 and successor resolutions)
  3. UNSCRs on Democratic People’s Republic of Korea ( Resolution 1718 and successor resolutions)
  4. UNSCR’s on Iran (Resolution 1737 and successor resolutions). However, the Joint Comprehensive Program of Action terminated sanctions imposed under this resolution

These designations can only be revoked by the UNSC or one of its Committee.


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